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Clear Beer Draught System


The Clear Beer Draught system will improve the taste and clarity of your draught beer.

Suitable for all Cornelius style kegs.

Whether you brew stout, hefeweizen or your favourite ale, this patented floating pick up system is functional, easily installed and designed to pick up the clearest beer from the top of the keg.

Great for kegmenters:  if you are fermenting your beer in a kegmenter then this will enable you to avoid the sediment by picking up from the top)

With the filter screen attachment you can even dry hop and still pick up crystal clear beer.

Purchase options:  Available with or without the filter screen.   If you are not adding late addition hops to your keg you don't need the filter screen.

Fits any size cornelius style keg system  (simply cut the silicone tube length to fit) Designed to always float upright in the correct position. 

MADE IN THE U.S.A from 304 stainless steel.  All fittings stainless steel and silicone.

 View assembly and use instructions.