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WAKATU (formerly N.Z. Hallertau) Aroma WHOLE HOP CONES


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This hop has recently been renamed as New Zealand Wakatu  (formerly Hallertau aroma)

A true dual-purpose variety with an enviable alpha: beta ratio

This triploid was bred from parentage of two third Hallertau Mittlefruh,  open pollinated by one third NewZealand derived male.  

It typically has a very restrained floral character which selectors say is atop an aroma of freshly zested lime. its excellent brewing qualities make it the choice of several major international brewers.

This hop consistently delivers across all areas from kettle to consumer. .

 The New Zealand Hallertau/Wakatu measures up on flavour scores as well as flavour stability trials. Its rounded flavour, moderate cohumulone and outstanding oil profile create a truly rewarding finish.

Alpha  8.6%