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BettABrew Festival Mead Ale


3.4kg Festival Mead Ale


Bett-A-Brew ® Festival Ale is a selective blend of Australian Honey, Barley Malt and Pride of Ringwood Hops which ferments to produce a smooth well rounded Mead Ale best described by many of our customers as 'Summer in a Glass'

At double the weight of most beer packs, this pack holds 3.4kg of all natural ingredients to produce 30 x 750ml bottles of Sparkling Mead Ale of the highest quality.

3.4kg pack requires no other additives and is supplied with Danish yeast........AUD ..$26.50

Traditionally 'Ale' is the term used for open (top) fermentation method, however we supply a Danish yeast for closed fermentation (lager style) as this enhances the Mead and is the preferred method of brewing this product.